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The American Whistleblower Tour

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GAP's American Whistleblower Tour: Essential Voices for Accountability is a dynamic collegiate Tour that seeks to educate the public − particularly the country's incoming workforce − about the important role whistleblowers play in holding institutions accountable and protecting the public interest.  

Since 2011, the Tour has brought notable whistleblowers to more than 30 colleges and universities across the country to share their stories about how they discovered serious wrongdoing, such as:

  • The NSA’s unlawful and sweeping surveillance of domestic phone and email data;
  • A multi-billion dollar cover-up of securities violations at Deutsche Bank;
  • Health risks posed by the USDA’s pilot high-speed poultry inspection program which gives inspectors just a 1/3 of a second to check each carcass for fecal and other contamination;
  • The George W. Bush administration’s editing of climate science documents to downplay scientific conclusions about human-driven global warming and its harmful impacts;
  • Human trafficking and forced prostitution of girls by private contractors in collusion with the United Nations during the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia.

The Tour features GAP experts who facilitate a discussion with whistleblowers describing their decision to speak out about the problem they discovered, and what they experienced after blowing the whistle. Some whistleblowers share stories of suffering shocking forms of reprisal; some share stories of powerful vindication of their concerns. All share how the experience of putting ethics into practice promotes the public interest.

Reactions to GAP’s American Whistleblower Tour have been overwhelmingly positive, with many universities hosting Tour stop events annually due to the popularity and educational value of the program. National media coverage about the Tour (see C-SPAN; Columbia Journalism Review) confirms the ever-increasing importance of exploring the role whistleblowers play in today’s society.

Watch a video introduction to the American Whistleblower Tour below:

To learn more about GAP’s American Whistleblower Tour or to inquire about hosting a Tour stop at your campus, view our Tour Information Guide, or contact Andrew Harman, GAP's Communications Director at

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