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Conflict of Interest in Management of Spanish Trust Fund at the IDB

Bea Edwards, January 31, 2012

IDBLogo_enAnonymous whistleblowers report that the management of the Framework Gen

Clean up the Development Banks before New Bailout

Bea Edwards, December 09, 2011

So, the big banks are back in Congress with their multiple hands out looking for donations from US taxpayers. But we're not talking about the Goldmans and the Sachs again – the current banks begging are the "development" banks – the World Bank and its regional clones in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. Like the Chases, Morgans and Citi's, though, they're looking for a pantload of money, quietly promised them by our selectively generous Secretary of the Treasury

GAP’s Investigation into World Bank Managing Director Mohieldin Now Available in Arabic

Michael Termini, December 02, 2011

في نهاية هذا التقرير تجد ترجمة له باللغة العربية

Whistleblowing and Retaliation at the IDB: The Case of Hada Mendoza

Bea Edwards, September 27, 2011

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) whistleblower Hada Mendoza served as the executive secretary to the Bank's Representative in Paraguay from 1998 until 2006. She began to suspect that Alvaro Cubillos, the IDB Representative in charge of the office in 2003, was diverting project funds through a personal relationship with Cecelia Guanes Mersán, a Paraguayan national well-connected to the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Asunción.

Xe (Blackwater) Hires Disgraced AIG "Compliance Czar" Suzanne Folsom

Bea Edwards, September 16, 2011

Last week Corporate Counselreported that infamous military security firm Xe (previously Blackwater) has hired Suzanne Folsom as its first chief regulatory/compliance officer and deputy general counsel.

How the World Bank's Peer Review Services Deny Staff the Right to a Fair Hearing

Shelley Walden, August 12, 2011

Today GAP released a report that evaluates recent reforms to the World Bank’s Peer Review Services (PRS), the lower level of the internal justice system used by Bank whistleblowers and staff to challenge violations of their rights.

IDB to be Sued in District Court as Defendant

Bea Edwards, August 11, 2011

In another judicial setback in the U.S. for the Inter-American Development Bank, on August 3, 2011, the District Court for the District of Columbia granted a Motion to Amend a complaint filed in 2006 by Jorge R. Vila, an independent consultant, against the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC).

Sri Lankan Whistleblower Nihal Sri Ameresekere Discusses International Corruption and Fraud

Dylan Blaylock, August 08, 2011

In June 2011, Sri Lankan whistleblower, chartered accountant and public interest activist Nihal Sri Ameresekere sat down with GAP Executive Director Bea Edwards to discuss international corruption and fraud. Ameresekere is the author of six books on these subjects, and is known for exposing corruption, fraud and nepotism within the Sri Lankan government. He also served as a key player in the implementation of the UN Convention Against Corruption.

Deputy Attorney General James Cole Involved in 'Fast & Furious' Whistleblower Cover-up?

Bea Edwards, July 19, 2011

Operation Fast and Furious (F&F) – a program run by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) that allowed thousands of lethal weapons to cross the Mexican border – was apparently no secret among high-level political authorities at the Department of Justice (DOJ). Among those in the know? Newly-confirmed Deputy Attorney General James Cole.