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New Egyptian Law May Provide Former World Bank Managing Director Mohieldin the Exit He Needs

Michael Termini, February 19, 2013

Last weekend, Egypt’s upper house of Parliament formally sanctioned a “reconcilement law” which, according to the head of the justice ministry’s legislative committee, Sherif Omar, is designed to “encourage businessmen to settle their financial disputes,” even if they previously fled the country to escape conviction for corruption.

Internal Document Shows World Bank's Mahmoud Mohieldin Apparently Demoted

Michael Termini, December 21, 2012

According to an internal document sent from World Bank President Jim Yong Kim on December 18, Mahmoud Mohieldin – Egypt’s former Minister of Investment during the deposed Hosni Mubarak regime – has apparently been demoted from his post as Managing Director. Mohieldin is now the Special Envoy on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Financial Development.

Another Corrupt Privatization Deal in Egypt Annulled: Court Orders Assuit Cement Renationalized

Michael Termini, September 20, 2012

في نهاية هذا التقرير تجد ترجمة له باللغة العربية

A 'Coup' That Threatens the Goals of the Arab Spring in Egypt

Michael Termini, June 25, 2012

في نهاية هذا التقرير تجد ترجمة له باللغة العربية

World Bank Advocates Public Financial Disclosures … Just Not for Itself

Bea Edwards, March 30, 2012

في نهاية هذا التقرير تجد ترجمة له باللغة العربية

Here at GAP, we were both shocked and pleased this morning to see that the World Bank advocates the public disclosure of financial assets by public officials as an effective anti-corruption measure.

Mahmoud Mohieldin and the Perfect Crime

Bea Edwards, January 24, 2012

"The perfect crime is the one that's not illegal."
– Greg Palast, Vultures' Picnic

Clean up the Development Banks before New Bailout

Bea Edwards, December 09, 2011

So, the big banks are back in Congress with their multiple hands out looking for donations from US taxpayers. But we're not talking about the Goldmans and the Sachs again – the current banks begging are the "development" banks – the World Bank and its regional clones in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. Like the Chases, Morgans and Citi's, though, they're looking for a pantload of money, quietly promised them by our selectively generous Secretary of the Treasury

More Charges For Mohieldin's Former Associates; GAP Contacts World Bank Executive Board

Michael Termini, September 22, 2011

في نهاية هذا التقرير تجد ترجمة له باللغة العربية

On September 9, for the first time in a month, thousands of Egyptians took to Tharir Square to protest for reform in the wake of the collapse of the corrupt Mubarak regime. As the Egyptian people continue to demand accountability, the number of charges facing former officials continues to rise, highlighting the role of former Egyptian Minister of Investment Mahmoud Mohieldin.

Mounting Scandals Involving Mahmoud Mohieldin Betray Pattern

Michael Termini, August 27, 2011

في نهاية هذا التقرير تجد ترجمة له باللغة العربية

Egypt Privatization and the Sordid Tale of World Bank Managing Director Mahmoud Mohieldin

Michael Termini, August 10, 2011

في نهاية هذا التقرير تجد ترجمة له باللغة العربية