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GAP Statement on Henry Kerner's Nomination to Office of Special Counsel

Luke Drabyn, June 01, 2017

On Friday, May 26, President Donald Trump nominated Henry Kerner to the Office of Special Counsel, the independent agency established in 1979 tasked with investigating claims made by whistleblowers regarding fraud, waste, abuse of authority, or mismanagement within government.

The OSC has historically played an integral role in providing necessary protections for brave individuals who have come forward to shine a spotlight on government abuse. These truth-tellers, who often risk their careers and professional reputations, serve as the bedrock of democracy by effecting change and reinforcing accountable institutions on behalf of the public interest.

The Government Accountability Project’s (GAP) Legal Director Tom Devine stated:

This is the president’s most significant appointment for his campaign pledge to "drain the swamps" in federal agencies. The reason is simple: No official makes more difference for the rights of federal whistleblowers than the Special Counsel. The Administration deserves credit for quickly nominating a veteran trial lawyer whose history has been working with whistleblowers. We hope Congress will conduct an expeditious but full investigation of his record. For GAP the two key criteria will be a history of even-handed fact-finding, and independence from political pressure.

As the nation’s leading whistleblower protection organization, GAP and its affiliated campaigns frequently work with the OSC to ensure that current and future whistleblowers receive the legal attention they deserve and that the public is made aware of their often-explosive disclosures.

GAP appreciates the Trump administration’s attention to filling this crucial OSC post. Should the Senate confirm Mr. Kerner, GAP looks forward to working closely with him and his staff to guarantee protections and justice for whistleblowers everywhere who have suffered reprisal for speaking truth to power.