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WBN: GAP Joins Hard-Working Coalitions to Defend Whistleblower Rights!

Staff, January 29, 2016

GAP joined roughly 25 civil liberties, human rights, and transparency organizations in sending a letter to U.S. lawmakers urging them to make hearings public next week in regard to Section 702 of the FISA Amendment Acts.
EFF and others urge Congress to make FISA Amendment Acts hearings public


GAP has joined POGO in supporting the Senate Judiciary Committee, which on Thursday “unanimously approved an amendment coauthored by Ranking Member Patrick Leahy and Chairman Chuck Grassley to ensure that companies cannot intimidate whistleblowers by threatening them with lawsuits for trade secret theft.”

Political News
Leahy-Grassley Amendment Protecting Whistleblowers Earns Unanimous Support in Judiciary Committee


GAP has joined a coalition of transparency groups to fight a bill that would unnecessarily leave countless Americans vulnerable to data theft by cyber criminals. “The so-called Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency (FACT) Act would expose more of Americans’ personal data to cyber criminals."

The Hill
Groups warn asbestos bill could spur online identity theft