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GAP Report Reveals Lack of Security for World Bank Staff and Consultants

, March 15, 2010

Today GAP released a report about the lack of security for World Bank staff and consultants, based on the experience of an International Finance Corporation (IFC) employee who was diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder after a mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For cost reasons, the Bank has neglected measures that would provide a reasonable assurance of staff safety and security, even as management transfers more staff into the field and expands operations into conflict and post-conflict countries. Moreover, when a staff member is injured in the line of duty, the processes in place are inadequate and irregular, using unlicensed workers’ compensation providers in order to reduce costs. Because the World Bank enjoys immunity from civil and criminal judicial proceedings, staff members have little recourse when they are denied care or reimbursement. In brief, the Bank is increasingly placing its employees in the line of fire without providing adequate safety protection and then, when accidents happen, evading responsibility for caring for injured personnel.