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Powerful Ruling in the Drake Case

Jesselyn Radack, June 02, 2011

NSA Whistleblowers on 60 Minutes: 9/11 Could Have Been Prevented

Jesselyn Radack, May 23, 2011

NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake and two other former NSA employees (Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe) gave stunning interviews on 60 Minutes last night.

Hoodwinked: The DOJ lied to us about NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake

Decora, May 20, 2011

This blog originally appeared in Decora's Daily Kos column. Decora also blogs at Purple Dead Nettle.

Why IMF Whistleblowers Were Silent

Shelley Walden, May 18, 2011


World Bank's Mahmoud Mohieldin Should Be Investigated

Bea Edwards, May 09, 2011

This past Saturday, May 7, the Egyptian press announced that an administrative court annulled the deal privatizing the retail chain Omar Effendi five years ago. The ruling cited numerous legal violations regarding the sale of public assets, especially when such assets include architectural and cultural icons -- as the Omar Effendi sale did.

Senator Wyden Right to Challenge Anti-Whistleblower Provision in Intel Authorization Act

Shanna Devine, May 05, 2011

GAP recently warned with other good government groups (in a joint letter to the Senate) that a broadly-crafted provision in the Intelligence Authorization Act, if passed, would undermine Congress' ability to ensure proper checks on the Intelligence Community (IC), and afford IC agency heads sweeping new power to retaliate against national security whistleblowers.

World Bank Managing Director Mahmoud Mohieldin Facing Corruption Allegations

Bea Edwards, April 27, 2011

The authoritative Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram is reporting that the department store chain, Omar Effendi, privatized in a non-transparent and allegedly corrupt financial arrangement in 2006, is to return to public ownership within the month.

Corruption in Egypt Should Disqualify World Bank from U.S. Recapitalization

Bea Edwards, April 26, 2011

In the US budget for FY2012, the Obama administration requests Congressional approval of a $3.3 billion contribution for international financial institutions (IFIs). A significant proportion of this amount would partially recapitalize the World Bank, now struggling financially as a result of the 2008/2009 international economic crisis. When Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner testified before Congress on March 9, 2011 in support of the appropriation, he was asked if, in his estimation, the IFIs were addressing issues of corruption effectively enough to warrant recapitalization.

Arab Uprisings Show the Impact of the World Bank and the IMF

Teresa Bouza, April 22, 2011

Teresa Bouza, of EFE has written an important article about the World Bank, the IMF and recent developments in the Middle East. The original piece, in Spanish, was published in ABC on April 16th. With her permission, we’re printing a translation of her piece.