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Climate Change & Nuclear Power

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I. Climate Change


CSPW is the flagship program of the Government Accountability Project's Environment & Energy Program, covering safety and health issues in the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries, clean air and water, land use, and toxics. We represent whistleblowers, conduct public interest investigations, and lead Know Your Rights Campaigns – read more here.

1. Promoting Scientific Integrity & Exposing Disinformation and the Denial of Climate Science 
2. Watchdogging Federal Government Climate Programs & Legislation
3. Investigating the Role of Big Oil in Thwarting Solutions to the Climate Crisis
4. Implementing Know Your Rights Campaigns & Public Interest Investigations
5. Ensuring Climate Change is Included in National Energy Policy & Planning
6. Promoting National Preparedness for Climate Change Impacts

II. Nuclear Power

Historically, GAP has had an extraordinary impact on both the nuclear and nuclear weapons arena. During the 1980s, our representation of over 600 commercial nuclear power workers led to the end of nuclear construction in the United States. Our clients mostly emerged from the ranks of quality assurance inspectors and officers who refused to sign off on shoddy construction practices on the critical parts of plants that require well-established high standards of quality. Through our efforts, three plants were cancelled despite being 56%, 85% and 98% complete.

Our nuclear weapons work has focused more heavily on contamination and the failure of the Department of Energy and its contractors to properly or effectively operate or clean up facilities as required by law. From 1984 onward we have represented over 400 such workers. During the 1990s, for example, nuclear weapons whistleblowers and GAP exposed massive contamination of rivers in the United States and Russia, uncovered the uncontrolled leaking and threatened failure of over a hundred-million-gallon high-level radioactive waste tanks, ended the production of plutonium in the United States, revealed the dangerous transportation of radioactive material and even bombs on US highways, and helped reveal the dangerous design flaws at the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant that could create horrific criticality events that would throw extraordinarily dangerous fallout into the atmosphere.

As a result of these efforts, GAP has helped expose threats at over 25 nuclear power and nuclear weapons facilities across the country. New whistleblowers continue to come to GAP alleging scandals at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Department of Energy involving grave environmental and public health threats.