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Ottawa Sun: Protection of whistleblowers 'an afterthought' in Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act

March 22, 2017

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Whistleblowers need real protection laws, not paper shields, says a former Foreign Affairs property manager and lawyer who made headlines for exposing billions in excessive luxury expenses in Canadian diplomatic missions around the world.

The Washington Post: Democrats wage uphill battle against bill targeting federal-union representatives

March 09, 2017

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House Democrats were resolute — and loquacious — but were unable to derail the latest Republican move to significantly weaken federal labor unions.

Just Security: Whistleblower Retaliation: A Governmental Accountability and National Security Crisis

March 02, 2017

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The role of an Inspector General (IG) office in a federal agency or department is to root out waste, fraud, and abuse, and where necessary refer criminal conduct to the Justice Department for prosecution. But what happens when the IG itself is corrupt, especially in a national security context where secrecy can be used to conceal malfeasance?

Voice of America: 'Whistleblowing' and 'Leaking' Explained

February 24, 2017

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What is a leak?

A leak is generally a voluntary disclosure of classified information. The information is usually provided by an unidentified source whose objective is to make the information public.

When someone discloses information to the media, the Open School of Journalism describes the event as a “news leak.” The information can be leaked by various sources, including those associated with a government or a business.

Explore Big Sky: The New West: Trump is Creating a Bull Market for Whistleblowers

February 21, 2017

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With the Trump administration only weeks old, fear and declining morale are already pervasive in federal land management agencies that together steward some 600 million acres of public land, mostly in the West.

The Intercept: Former CIA Analyst Sues Defense Department to Vindicate NSA Whistleblowers

February 10, 2017

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IN 2010, THOMAS DRAKE, a former senior employee at the National Security Agency, was charged with espionage for speaking to a reporter from the Baltimore Sun about a bloated, dysfunctional intelligence program he believed would violate Americans’ privacy. The case against him eventually fell apart, and he pled guilty to a single misdemeanor, but his career in the NSA was over.

Washington Post: Staying true to yourself in the age of Trump: A how-to guide for federal employees

February 10, 2017

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Maria J. Stephan is co-author of “Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict” (Columbia University Press, 2011) and co-editor of “Is Authoritarianism Staging a Comeback?” (Atlantic Council, 2015).

Financial Planning: Prominent advocacy group takes JPMorgan whistleblower's case

February 10, 2017

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One of the country's foremost nonprofit legal advocacy groups for whistleblowers has taken up the cause of former JPMorgan Chase broker Johnny Burris who was fired after refusing to put his elderly clients into the bank's own high-priced products.


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