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Legal Times: It All Started With Ashcroft

August 11, 2008

By GAP Homeland Security Director Jesselyn Radack.

Recent reports from the Justice Department’s watchdog agencies focus on politicized hiring, but not politically motivated firing. Unfortunately, the department under President George W. Bush has engaged in both. I know. I have the scars to prove it.

Buffalo News: Government Retaliates Against Critics with 'No-fly List"

August 05, 2008

By GAP National Security Director Jesselyn Radack. Versions of this op-ed also appeared in: Fall River Herald News (MA), Anchorage Daily News, Sheridan Press (WY), Key West Citizen, Standard-Examiner (Utah), Albuquerque Journal, Daily Sun News (WA), San Marcos Daily Record (TX), The Keene Sentinel (NH), and the Charleston Gazette (WV).

When I recently learned that a CNN reporter was put on the federal "No-Fly List" shortly after his investigation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) aired, my first reaction was, "Welcome to the club!"

Statesman Journal: Neutralize Mustard Gas, Don't Burn It

August 05, 2008

By GAP Senior Counsel, Richard Condit. Versions of this op-ed also appeared in the East Oregonian and Hermiston Herald.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) are responsible for overseeing the disposal of chemical warfare agents stored at the Umatilla Chemical Weapons Depot, including 2,200 tons of mustard agent.

The Hill: DOJ's Political Purgings Unsurprising

July 28, 2008

By GAP Homeland Security Director Jesselyn Radack.

It is no surprise to me that the Justice Department systematically and illegally inserted politics into its hiring process. This was glaringly obvious to me when I was forced out of the DOJ upon blowing the whistle on DOJ violations in the case of “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh in 2002.

USA Today: Feds Say Climate Change to Cause 'Irreversible' Health Risks

July 17, 2008


An Environmental Protection Agency report released Thursday warns that global warming will increase disease and other health problems nationwide in coming decades.

"Climate change poses real risks to human health," says the EPA's Joel Scheraga. Some of the environmental effects will be irreversible, he says. The report details health impacts ranging from Hantavirus to wildfires to asthma, all increased by climate change.

Asheville Citizen-Times: U.N. Not So Clean Anymore

July 12, 2008

By GAP International Program Director Bea Edwards and International Program Officer Shelley Walden. Versions of this op-ed also appeared in Garden City Telegram (NJ).

The United Nations was scrambling. Reports were surfacing, based on firsthand knowledge, of U.N. peacekeepers grossly exploiting their positions by sexually abusing destitute citizens entrusted to their care.

St. Louis Dispatch: Today's Vote Could legalize Past Illegal Government Spying

July 08, 2008

By Telecom whistleblower Mark Klein and whistleblower and GAP client Babak Pasdar.

In 2005, the exposure of a sprawling domestic spying program shocked the nation. President George W. Bush directly authorized the violation of the law and the Constitution by spying on citizen phone calls and e-mails without a warrant. People were shocked and appalled at the flouting of our civil liberties. The backlash against this perceived "Big Brother" world we were entering was palpable; sure enough, the next election cycle saw great turnover of the president's party.

Washington Post: Pressing for Stronger Protections for Whistlebllowers

June 06, 2008


A coalition of 112 organizations is urging House and Senate negotiators to move quickly to resolve differences over legislation that would strengthen the protections afforded federal employees who blow the whistle on waste, fraud and abuse.

UNA-USA Publications: Universal Whistleblower Protection Policy for the UN

June 03, 2008

By GAP International Program Associate Shelley Walden.

In order to regain the trust of its staff and uphold its mission, the United Nations must create comprehensive whistleblower protections modeled on international best practices. It is essential that the organization also continue to reform its internal justice system and enforce impartial investigation practices. Failure to do so makes the UN vulnerable to future scandal, corruption and a substantial loss of credibility.


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