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FOX News: Former Top Cyber Official at Center of World Bank Scandal

October 31, 2008


In 1997, Mohamed Vazir Muhsin, a Sri Lankan accountant, was chosen by then-World Bank President James Wolfensohn as the first chief information officer in the institution's history. Eight years later, Muhsin was unceremoniously thrown out the door, and the bank's information security headaches reached migraine stage.

Newtown Bee: The FDA Needs Some Guts, Not PR

October 23, 2008

By GAP Public Health & Safety Associate Jonathan Cantú. Versions of this op-ed also appeared in the Ashville Citizen-Times (NC), Sun Advocate (UT), Columbia Daily Herald (TN), and Davis Standard Examiner (UT).

The Food and Drug Administration’s management has got it wrong again: The agency’s troubles aren’t due to bad public relations. At least they weren’t until recently.

San Marcos Daily Record: At Least Twice the Reported Number Missing From Ike

October 21, 2008

By GAP Homeland Security Director Jesselyn Radack, with contributions by Keri Nash.

Nearly a month after Hurricane Ike devastated the Texas Coast, major media outlets reported that over 300 people were missing. The first organized search for bodies did not take place until October 2, nearly three weeks after the hurricane made landfall. The local and state searchers were working with the Laura Recovery Center, a Texas-based missing children organization.

FOX News: World Bank Under Cyber Siege in 'Unprecedented Crisis'

October 13, 2008


The World Bank Group's computer network — one of the largest repositories of sensitive data about the economies of every nation — has been raided repeatedly by outsiders for more than a year, FOX News has learned.

It is still not known how much information was stolen. But sources inside the bank confirm that servers in the institution's highly-restricted treasury unit were deeply penetrated with spy software last April. Invaders also had full access to the rest of the bank's network for nearly a month in June and July.

Buffalo News: Another Poor Response Masked by Official Censorship

September 28, 2008

By GAP Homeland Security Director Jesselyn Radack.

Hurricane Ike is being hailed by some as a victory for disaster preparedness, but it should really serve as a warning. Local congressmen on both sides of the aisle have accused the Federal Emergency Management Agency of botching the response in Texas, just as it did with Katrina. The storm made landfall early on Sept. 13. Yet FEMA did not begin to open any relief centers, necessary to provide critical supplies, until Sept. 15.

FEMA blamed the delay on logistics and . . . bad weather.

Financial Times: US Legislation 'Fails to Protect' Corporate Whistleblowers

September 09, 2008


The US federal law protecting corporate whistleblowers is failing to shield employees in the way that was intended, according to a non-profit group that is lobbying legislators for tougher rules.

The 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which contained new pro-whistleblower provisions when it was passed in the wake of the Enron and WorldCom scandals, "has helped few whistleblowers actually achieve justice", according to the Government Accountability Project, an advocacy group that provides legal advice to whistleblowers.

Tri-City Herald: Court Upholds Hanford Pipefitter $4.8M Jury Award

September 05, 2008


The Washington State Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a 2005 jury award of $4.8 million plus $1.4 million in attorney fees for 11 laid-off Hanford pipefitters.

It decided all issues on appeal in the nine-year-old case in favor of the pipefitters, with the exception of one. It declined to require that the defendant in the trial, Fluor Federal Services, reimburse plaintiffs for miscellaneous costs in bringing the lawsuit. But it did increase the attorney fees owed to pipefitters to include recovery of the additional fees from the appeal.

Providence Journal: Some Unpleasant Things in Your Meat

September 02, 2008

By GAP Public Health and Safety Associate Amanda Hitt.

Recent food scares are prompting American consumers to double-check food product labels — not just where items are coming from, but the precise ingredients and chemicals being ingested. But what if the labels are themselves misleading? You would hope this would be illegal, but Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines allow for this every day.

Legal Times: It All Started With Ashcroft

August 11, 2008

By GAP Homeland Security Director Jesselyn Radack.

Recent reports from the Justice Department’s watchdog agencies focus on politicized hiring, but not politically motivated firing. Unfortunately, the department under President George W. Bush has engaged in both. I know. I have the scars to prove it.

Buffalo News: Government Retaliates Against Critics with 'No-fly List"

August 05, 2008

By GAP National Security Director Jesselyn Radack. Versions of this op-ed also appeared in: Fall River Herald News (MA), Anchorage Daily News, Sheridan Press (WY), Key West Citizen, Standard-Examiner (Utah), Albuquerque Journal, Daily Sun News (WA), San Marcos Daily Record (TX), The Keene Sentinel (NH), and the Charleston Gazette (WV).

When I recently learned that a CNN reporter was put on the federal "No-Fly List" shortly after his investigation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) aired, my first reaction was, "Welcome to the club!"


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