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Cleveland Plain-Dealer: Keeping Meat Red and Customers in the Dark

August 19, 2007

By GAP Food & Drug Safety Director Jacqueline Ostfeld. Versions of this op-ed have also appeared in the St.

FDA Webview: The Trojan Farce

June 26, 2007

By GAP Food and Drug Safety Director Mark Cohen.

Dan Troy laments the development of what he terms “a whistleblower culture” at FDA (FDA Webview, 4/12). The former chief counsel of the agency made this remark at the recent annual conference of the Food and Drug Law Institute. There is too much irony here: Ask an FDA scientist or medical officer what drove them to blow the whistle and they are apt to cite the anti-regulatory culture fashioned by this very same Dan Troy.

Topeka Capital-Journal: GNEP Is A Bad Nuclear Choice

June 06, 2007

By GAP Nuclear Oversight Director Tom Carpenter and Institute for Policy Studies senior scholar Robert Alvarez. Note: A version of this op-ed also appeared in the Keene Sentinel (N.H.).

President George W. Bush and his energy secretary, Samuel Bodman, have recently intensified their lobbying to revive “nuclear recycling” through a program they call the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, or GNEP.

Baltimore Sun: Protect Whistleblowers at World Bank

May 23, 2007

Written by GAP International Reform Director Beatrice Edwards and GAP Communications Director Dylan Blaylock.


Topeka Capital-Journal: U.S. Forces Torture American Whistleblower In Iraq

April 20, 2007

This op-ed was written by GAP President Louis Clark. A version of it also appeared in Radio Left.

In 2002, while commiserating about government scandals, President George Bush reportedly joked about stringing whistleblowers up “by the thumbs. The same way we do with prisoners in Guantanamo!"

Buffalo News: Military Whistleblowers Need Protections

March 21, 2007

Written by GAP Legislative Representative Adam Miles. Note: A version of this op-ed also appeared in the following outlets: Salem Statesman-Journal (OR), The Courier (OH).

When asked why outpatient soldiers at Walter Reed hospital were willing to speak so candidly to the press about indefensible conditions, the reporter who broke the story responded simply, “Nobody listened to them for years.” Whistling Freedom

March 08, 2007

By GAP Legal Director Tom Devine. 

Effective congressional oversight requires safe channels for the flow of information. That means protecting whistleblowers, those who exercise freedom of speech when it counts, to challenge abuses of power that betray the public trust. They are the lifeblood for any credible anti-corruption campaign. Their rights will determine whether oversight uncovers the tip or the iceberg.

Buffalo News: Blowing the Whistle on Sham Organics

February 12, 2007

By GAP Food & Drug Safety Officer Jacqueline Ostfeld.

The organic food industry is booming. In this country alone, sales have grown from $4 to $18 billion in just ten years. The sharp rise is largely due to increased public skepticism about the conventional food supply. Last year brimmed with food safety scares and scandals. Now with the impending market arrival of cloned animal products, consumer concerns about the wholesomeness of their food are commonplace.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Muzzling of Federal Scientists Must Stop

February 08, 2007

This op-ed was coauthored by GAP Executive Director Mary Brumder, and Kathleen Rest, executive director of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The Bush administration's suppression and distortion of scientific research in federal agencies has been both widespread and remarkable - and it cannot be allowed to continue.

The new Congress has an opportunity to restore integrity and objectivity to federal science, and prevent its continued manipulation for political purposes.

Mountain Mail: Abuse Beneath the U.S. Capitol?

January 08, 2007

By GAP President Louis Clark. This op-ed also appeared in the Topeka Capital Journal and Radio Left.


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