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Providence Journal: Real Federal Whistleblower Protections In Sight

February 01, 2008

By GAP Legal Director Tom Devine and GAP Legislative Representative Adam Miles. Versions of this op-ed also appeared in: The Roanoke Times, Amarillo Globe-News, Philly Burbs, Northwest Arkansas Times, Scranton Times-Tribune, and Sheridan Press (WY).

Federal Times: Once Shunned, Navy Whistleblower Honored

February 01, 2008


A retired Navy employee — once shunned by his colleagues for blowing the whistle on poor aircraft maintenance — was honored by the Navy Feb. 1.

The Navy issued a commendation to Richard Conrad for exposing problems that led the Navy improve the repair and overhaul process for F/A-18 fighter jets.

Reuters: World Bank Anti-Corruption Chief Resigns

January 16, 2008


The head of the World Bank's anti-corruption unit, Suzanne Rich Folsom, resigned on Wednesday to rejoin the private sector, a Bank spokesman said.

Tri-City Herald: Oregon Commission Reopens Public Testimony on Waste

January 08, 2008


In response to a lawsuit, the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission voted Tuesday to reopen public comment on the disposal of secondary waste from the destruction of aging chemical weapons stored at the Umatilla Chemical Depot near Hermiston.

The waste includes plastic protective suits used by workers and contaminated carbon filters from the incinerators used to destroy the stockpile of Cold War chemical weapons at the Army depot in Eastern Oregon.

Christian Science Monitor: Study Finds White House Manipulation of Climate Science

December 12, 2007


At least since 2003, and especially after hurricane Katrina hit, the White House has broadly attempted to control which climate scientists could speak with reporters, as well as editing scientists' congressional testimony on climate science and key legal opinions, according to a new report by a House committee.

Seattle Post Intelligencer: Hanford Site Still in Distressing State

December 11, 2007

By GAP Nuclear Oversight Director Tom Carpenter.

Late last month, the U.S. Department of Energy, along with the EPA and Washington state, hosted the annual "State of the Site" meeting on Hanford, in Seattle.

To those of us who are frequent attendees at such events, this one bore a depressing similarity to many of the past meetings called for a similar purpose -- to review the state of the Hanford nuclear site's efforts to clean up the largest and most expensive toxic mess in the United States.

The Oklahoman: A Tough Pill to Swallow

December 03, 2007

By GAP Executive Director Mark Cohen. Versions of this op-ed also appeared in: The Roanoke Times (VA), Springfield News-Leader (IL), KC Community News (KS), Mountain Mail Newspaper (CO), Athens Messenger (OH), Daily Republican Register (IL), Portsmouth News Herald (NH), Fall River Herald News (MA), Hugo Daily News (OK), Seacoast Online (ME), and Aventura News (FL).

Armenia Liberty: World Bank Accused of Hushing Up Armenian Corruption Scandal

November 22, 2007


A U.S. anti-corruption watchdog joined on Thursday a British whistleblower in accusing the World Bank of covering up what they see as gross misuse of a $30 million loan that was meant to upgrade Armenia’s battered water infrastructure.

The loan was part of a 1999 World Bank project designed to quickly improve supplies of drinking water in Yerevan. The Armenian parliament formed in 2003 an ad hoc commission to investigate the effectiveness of these and other large-scale infrastructure projects financed by Western donors.

Associated Press: Oregon Chemical Weapons Depot Disposal Plan Challenged

November 15, 2007


Concerns about possible mercury contamination have led to a new lawsuit over plans to destroy an aging stockpile of mustard gas at a remote chemical weapons depot in Oregon.

The Government Accountability Project lawsuit against the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality also seeks review of plans to destroy secondary wastes from the weapons incinerators at the Umatilla Chemical Depot in Hermiston — including plastic protective suits and contaminated carbon filters.

The state agency declined comment.

Washington Post: Hearing on Beef Packaging Fails Activists' Smell Test

October 30, 2007


The process of writing legislation has often been compared to sausage-making, but rarely is rotten meat actually present at a congressional hearing. Yet some is expected this afternoon at a House Agriculture Committee hearing "to review technologies in the meat industry."

The hearing is in the cross hairs of activists opposed to the spiking of packaged red meats with carbon monoxide gas, which keeps cuts crimson no matter how old the meat. Unable to wrangle a place on the witness list, some plan to make their olfactory point in the hallway.


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