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Daily Corinthian (MS): The World Bank is Far Too Secretive

August 12, 2005

By Melanie Beth Oliviero, GAP International Program Director. This editorial also appreared in: Topeka Capital-Journal, Garde City Telegram (KS) and Worthington Daily Globe (MS).  

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Don't Let DOE Review Itself

June 28, 2005

By Tom Carpenter, GAP Nuclear Oversight Porgram Director. This editorial also appeared in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  

The Government Accountability Project recently released a report detailing new evidence of contamination in the area around the Hanford nuclear site. New findings included that Columbia River fish and clam samples are contaminated with plutonium, mulberry trees are higher in toxicity than previously thought and radioactive attic dust in the Richland area suggests widespread exposure.

Topeka Capital-Journal: Whistleblowers are First-Class Heroes

June 24, 2005

by Louis Clark, GAP President. This editorial also appeared in the Topeka Capital-Journal. 

Newtown Bee: Whistleblowers are Critical for National Security

April 22, 2005

By Louis Clark, GAP President. This editorial also appeared in the Topeka Capital-Journal


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