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The New York Times: Trump Calls Comey a ‘Leaker.’ What Does That Mean?

June 12, 2017

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WASHINGTON — James B. Comey’s testimony on Thursday that he orchestrated the disclosure of his account of his discussions with President Trump has raised questions about the ethical and legal implications of his actions.

The Washington Times: Suspected leaker’s Facebook page filled with vitriol against Trump

June 07, 2017

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The Facebook page of government contractor Reality Leigh Winner was filled Tuesday with predictions from strangers about the indignities awaiting her behind bars.

“Hope you enjoy prison,” wrote one detractor. “At least it will be federal not state.”

Government Executive: With MSPB Hamstrung, Congress Clears Appeals Extension Bill

May 30, 2017

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The House on Thursday unanimously passed a bill that would give federal employees more time to have their personnel cases heard, clearing a legislative fix required by a lack of political appointments.


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