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Associated Press: Oregon Chemical Weapons Depot Disposal Plan Challenged

November 15, 2007


Concerns about possible mercury contamination have led to a new lawsuit over plans to destroy an aging stockpile of mustard gas at a remote chemical weapons depot in Oregon.

The Government Accountability Project lawsuit against the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality also seeks review of plans to destroy secondary wastes from the weapons incinerators at the Umatilla Chemical Depot in Hermiston — including plastic protective suits and contaminated carbon filters.

The state agency declined comment.

Washington Post: Hearing on Beef Packaging Fails Activists' Smell Test

October 30, 2007


The process of writing legislation has often been compared to sausage-making, but rarely is rotten meat actually present at a congressional hearing. Yet some is expected this afternoon at a House Agriculture Committee hearing "to review technologies in the meat industry."

The hearing is in the cross hairs of activists opposed to the spiking of packaged red meats with carbon monoxide gas, which keeps cuts crimson no matter how old the meat. Unable to wrangle a place on the witness list, some plan to make their olfactory point in the hallway.

New York Times: Climate Change Testimony was Edited by White House

October 25, 2007


The White House made deep cuts in written testimony given to a Senate committee this week by the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on health risks posed by global warming, but the director agreed yesterday with administration officials who said the cuts were part of a normal review process and not aimed at minimizing the issue.

Dr. Julie L. Gerberding, the agency’s director, said in a telephone interview that news reports and comments about the changes had made “a mountain out of a molehill.”

San Diego Union-Tribune: Complaint Filed Over Organic Label

October 19, 2007

By Elena Gaona

A public-interest group filed a complaint with the federal government yesterday against Golden Gourmet Mushrooms, alleging that the San Marcos company sold conventionally grown mushrooms as organic, doctored organic-certification documents and misled consumers about where its mushrooms were grown.

Craig Anderson, president of Golden Gourmet, angrily dismissed the allegations.

“I want to sue somebody,” he said.

Washington Post: Bank Plans Probe of HIV Tests In India

October 13, 2007

By Carrie Johnson

World Bank officials will hire two independent consultants to investigate complaints about the reliability of HIV test kits in India, they said this week in response to allegations from a doctor who sounded alarms about faulty products.

Washington Post: Doctor Presses Bank on HIV Tests

September 28, 2007


A doctor retained by the World Bank to examine a program to combat the spread of HIV in India has been warning officials for months that defective testing kits could be putting people at risk.

Topeka Capital Journal: Whistleblowing at Work Now More Dangerous

September 28, 2007

By GAP President Louis Clark.

In recent years, we have learned about a number of corporate horror stories. A major toy company had sold and widely distributed toys manufactured in China with lead-tainted paint. A pharmaceutical company had manufactured a vaccine for babies with a compromised quality assurance program. Government contractors employed in Iraq to provide infrastructure were instead padding their profits and cutting corners while the buildings they constructed crumbled.

Federal Times: Special Counsel Should Resign or be Removed

September 17, 2007

By GAP Legal Director Tom Devine and GAP Legislative Assistant Adam Miles.

July’s hearing on the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) leads us to this conclusion: Special Counsel Scott Bloch is hopelessly over his head in his job to defend the federal civil service merit system. To restore legitimacy for the office, he must resign or be removed by the president for cause.

Cleveland Plain-Dealer: Keeping Meat Red and Customers in the Dark

August 19, 2007

By GAP Food & Drug Safety Director Jacqueline Ostfeld. Versions of this op-ed have also appeared in the St.

FDA Webview: The Trojan Farce

June 26, 2007

By GAP Food and Drug Safety Director Mark Cohen.

Dan Troy laments the development of what he terms “a whistleblower culture” at FDA (FDA Webview, 4/12). The former chief counsel of the agency made this remark at the recent annual conference of the Food and Drug Law Institute. There is too much irony here: Ask an FDA scientist or medical officer what drove them to blow the whistle and they are apt to cite the anti-regulatory culture fashioned by this very same Dan Troy.


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