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Daily Caller: Government Probes Invasion Of Whistleblower’s Medical Records

October 16, 2015

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The Obama administration is offering coal country $14.5 million in federal funding for programs to retrain out of work coal miners and for economic development after imposing regulations to shrink the coal industry.

NBC Bay Area: OSHA Dismisses Majority of Whistleblower Cases Agency Investigates

October 16, 2015

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A federal agency responsible for investigating claims of whistleblower retaliation dismisses the vast majority of cases it examines and fails to meet completion deadlines, an NBC Bay Area analysis of government data revealed.

GIJC: Whistleblowers & Journalists: A Complex Relationship

October 14, 2015

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Journalists and whistleblowers have a tight-knit yet complex relationship. Although both need each other, their exchanges are often tense.

NBC Bay Area: Federal Whistleblower Investigator Fired After Blowing the Whistle on His Own Agency

October 13, 2015

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A federal whistleblower investigator who put his career on the line to expose what he calls bureaucratic dysfunction has been fired, NBC Bay Area has learned.

Fox News: UN witness suddenly goes public in Central African peacekeeper sex scandal

October 13, 2015

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EXCLUSIVE: A self-described United Nations whistle-blower has appeared -- very briefly -- with new revelations in the scandal over sexual abuse of children by non-U.N. peacekeepers in the Central African Republic.

Fair Warning: Watchdog Finds That Nearly 1 in 5 OSHA Whistleblower Probes Are Flawed

October 07, 2015

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Federal officials responsible for protecting whistleblowers and examining their claims of employer retaliation are mishandling nearly one in five of their investigations, a government watchdog reports.

Six Ways to Improve Whistleblowing Overnight

October 06, 2015

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Whistleblowing is arguably the most important practice for strengthening transparency and holding governments, businesses and organizations to account. But for an individual courageous enough to come forward and report the misconduct, the act of actually blowing the whistle is a very risky business.

Washington Post: VA culture of reprisals against whistleblowers remains strong after scandal

September 25, 2015

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It’s been about 17 months since revelations over the cover-up of long patient wait times at Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities exploded.

It’s been about 16 months since former VA secretary Eric K. Shinseki resigned as the scandal reached a boil.

It’s been about 14 months since the Senate confirmed Robert McDonald to replace Shinseki.


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