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Fox News: Former UN Ambassador John Bolton dismisses US reform effort as "just the usual rhetoric"

September 15, 2017

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Former American ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton says a U.S. -sponsored draft declaration on U.N. reform being chaired next week by President Trump “is just the usual rhetoric.”

Trump will be in New York next week for his first U.N. General Assembly, where his first act of business will be to chair the U.S.-sponsored event on U.N reform.

Bloomberg Law: Lawyer Admonished for Helping Client Leak GE Docs to Media

September 06, 2017

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A prominent attorney to whistle-blowers was admonished by a Washington disciplinary panel for helping a fired General Electric in-house attorney leak damaging information about GE to law enforcement officials and journalists.

WNYC: A Fragile Patchwork of Press Protections

August 11, 2017

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After a week of fury and fire, On the Media takes a chill pill. We look at chilling warnings and opaque impediments, from reporters working with whistleblowers or trying to cover immigration courts, to media organizations reckoning with their future in the post-Gawker era. 

The Sydney Morning Herald: The anonymous letters that started a decade-long stoush

August 07, 2017

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Washington: Who licked the postage stamps?

The question was absurd, and at the same time deadly serious. Australian intellectual property guru Francis Gurry was on the warpath and no stone was to be left unturned in unmasking the authors of the ugly, anonymous letters being sent to him – with copies landing on dozen of desks up and down Geneva's diplomatic row.

The Daily Caller: Veteran Tasked With Fixing The Agency That Tried To Destroy His Career

August 01, 2017

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After years of exposing problems at the Phoenix VA and fighting off retaliation, noted whistleblower Brandon Coleman has accepted a position at the new Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection.


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