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WUSA 9: City Lawyer Says She Was Dismissed After Telling Fire Chief About Cover-up

December 03, 2009


WASHINGTON, DC -- The former general counsel for the DC Fire & EMS Department says she was transferred out of the agency after telling Chief Dennis Rubin about a cover-up involving one of his top aides. Theresa Cusick spent nine years as the department's lawyer and was moved out of her job three months after Rubin's arrival in 2007.

YouTube: DC Fire Chief Dennis Rubin Deposition Showcases Questionable Statements, Behavior

December 03, 2009

GAP’s new YouTube video showcases DC Fire Chief Dennis Rubin’s questionable statements and behavior in a deposition, regarding the cases of former firefighter Chris Sullivan and former general counsel for the Fire Department (and GAP client) Theresa Cusick.

Chief Rubin’s testimony about events as he sees them may be eye-opening to other D.C. government officials, the City Council and the public. For example, in his testimony, Chief Rubin refers to the actions of a Councilmember as “disrespectful,” and voices displeasure at “a woman barking at me.”

Food Safety News: GAP Highlights Role of Whistleblowers

November 21, 2009


The Government Accountability Project (GAP) held a conference yesterday focused on the important role whistleblowers play in protecting the food supply, exploring ways to empower more food workers to speak out against inhumane and unsafe practices in the food system.

"Where are the whistleblowers when we need them?" asked Tom Devine, to his audience of food policy wonks and law students attending the event at American University's Washington College of Law.

Tri-City Herald (WA): Hanford Challenge of Seattle Plans Summit Today

November 19, 2009


Hanford Challenge of Seattle is organizing a Hanford summit, saying that polarization between the east and west sides of the state has prevented discussion of important Hanford issues.

Western Washington and Portland are "concerned about Hanford's environmental impact past, present and future," the advocacy group says on its website.

Tri-City residents "are less concerned with environmental impacts," it said, and characterized Tri-City groups as focused on jobs and economic development.

Orange County Register (CA): Fired Air Marshal Can Almost Taste Victory

November 16, 2009


He’s been warned that judges can be kindly Dr. Jekylls in the courtroom, and terrifying Mr. Hydes when they write their decisions in the quiet of their chambers.

He’s been warned that fired federal employees who fight their terminations get their jobs back less than 5 percent of the time.

But, dang it, for the first time in years, fired federal air marshal Robert MacLean of Ladera Ranch is feeling a little - dare we say it? - optimistic.

Tri-City Herald (WA): Oregon Judge Throws Out Chemical Weapons Lawsuit

November 06, 2009


An Oregon judge has sided with the state of Oregon and the Army, ending a lawsuit by activists who challenged whether incineration was the best way to destroy mustard agent at the Umatilla Chemical Depot.

Judge Michael Marcus of the Oregon Circuit Court in Portland signed a summary judgment ruling Thursday. Barring any appeals, his ruling ended the lawsuit filed a year ago by the Government Accountability Project on behalf of the Oregon environmental group GASP, the Oregon Wildlife Federation, the Sierra Club and others.

Oregonian: Judge Denies Suit to Stop Disposal of Chemical Weapons

November 05, 2009


An unidentified worker inspects missiles containing sarin gas in a bunker at the Umatilla Chemical Depot in Hermiston in this undated file photo. A judge recently rejected a suit to stop the incineration of mustard agent at the site.The U.S. military can continue to dispose of chemical weapons stockpiled in eastern Oregon, a Portland judge has ruled.


Northwest Public Radio: Oregon’s Umatilla Chemical Depot Gets Go-Ahead by Court

November 05, 2009

The Umatilla Chemical Depot got the go ahead today from an Oregon’s Circuit Court judge to incinerate thousands of tons of mustard agent. But as Richland Correspondent Anna King reports, the chemical weapons incinerators won’t fire up immediately.

A watchdog group called the Government Accountability Project wants the U.S. Army to stop incinerating mustard agent. Lawyer Richard Condit claims mercury and other toxic chemicals might be released from the plant in northeast Oregon.


New York Times: Scientists Return Fire at Climate Skeptics in 'Destroyed Data' Dispute

October 14, 2009


Climate scientists are refuting claims that raw data used in critical climate change reports has been destroyed, rendering the reports and policies based on those reports unreliable.


Reuters/ABCNews: Prosecution of UBS Informant Seen Backfiring on U.S.

October 09, 2009


The key informant in the U.S. tax evasion case against Swiss bank UBS AG faces prison next year, but his harsher-than-expected treatment by the U.S. Justice Department will undermine efforts to expose secretive offshore tax havens, lawyers and whistle-blower advocates say.

Bradley Birkenfeld, a 44-year-old U.S. citizen, has been hailed by his attorneys and prosecutors alike as pivotal to the tax case against UBS , his former employer.


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