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PTI News: Satyam Barred from Doing Business With World Bank

December 24, 2008

The World Bank has barred India's Satyam Computer from doing business with it for eight years on the charges of data theft, a Bank official said on Tuesday.

"The information is true... quotes about the World Bank on Fox News channel are correct," the Bank's spokesperson in India said when asked about the US media reports on the debarment.

The development comes at a time when the company is facing a probe back home over an abortive acquisition deal involving two firms promoted by Satyam Chairman Ramalinga Raju's family.

FOX News: World Bank Admits Top Tech Vendor Debarred for 8 Years

December 24, 2008


For months, the World Bank has been stonewalling and denying a series of FOX News reports on a variety of in-house scandals, ranging from the hacking of its most sensitive financial data to its own sanctions against suppliers found guilty of wrongdoing.

But last week the world's most important anti-poverty organization suddenly came clean - sort of - in its tough sanctions against a vitally important computer software service supplier that has been linked not only to financial wrongdoing but also to the ultrasensitive data heists.

Financial Times: World Bank Takes Action On Cyber Attacks

November 27, 2008


The World Bank has commissioned an external review of its informational technology networks following a series of cyber attacks on the international institution’s computer systems.

In recent days, the World Bank has fallen victim to cyber attacks that come on the heels of a series of hacking attacks over the summer. The bank announced internally that it was launching a “comprehensive external review” to examine its systems and cyber security practices.

East Oregonian: Lawsuit Challenges Regulators to Reconsider Depot's Incineration Process

November 17, 2008

Lawsuit could delay depot’s mustard destruction

The Umatilla Chemical Depot planned on destroying mustard gas next year, but a recent lawsuit could delay that action.

The depot is in the process of changing over equipment and procedures to begin incinerating mustard containers sometime next year. The containers, which weigh a ton each, contain mercury, a hazardous substance.

FOX News: Cyber-Hackers Break Into IMF Computer System

November 14, 2008


Another major international financial institution has had its computer system attacked by unknown cyber-hackers, FOX News has learned.

The discovery of the assault last week threw into crisis the Washington, D.C. based International Monetary Fund (IMF), which offers emergency financial aid to countries faced with balance-of-payments problems, and provoked a shutdown of IMF computers that lasted for several days.

In October, FOX News reported that the computer system at the World Bank had also been hacked over a period of months.

Hermiston Herald: Group Files Lawsuit to Stop Mustard Burn

November 04, 2008

Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit to block incinerating ton containers of mustard gas at the Umatilla Chemical Depot.

Filed by attorneys for the Government Accountability Project, or GAP, the lawsuit wants a judge to determine if decisions by the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission and the Department of Environmental Quality were in the best interests of Umatilla and Morrow county residents.

Tri-City Herald: Watchdogs Sue to Halt Burn at Umatilla Depot

November 04, 2008


Attorneys for the Government Accountability Project have filed a lawsuit to stop a plan by Oregon agencies to incinerate the Umatilla Chemical Depot's cache of World War II mustard agent.

The suit was filed in the Multonomah County, Ore., state circuit court by the watchdog group's attorneys on behalf of Hermiston-based GASP, the Oregon Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club and six Umatilla County and Morrow County residents.

United Press International: Group Sues to Stop Mustard Gas Burn-Off

November 04, 2008

A environmental group says it has filed suit to stop an Oregon state plan to incinerate a cache of World War II-era mustard gas agents.

Associated Press: Groups Sue to Block Burning of Umatilla Mustard Gas

November 04, 2008

The Government Accountability Project, a nonprofit public-interest group, has sued on behalf of the Oregon Wildlife Federation, the Sierra Club and several residents of Umatilla and Morrow counties to block the planned burning of tons of mustard gas, a military blistering agent, stored at the Umatilla Chemical Depot near Hermiston, Ore.

The agent is the last of the chemical weapons at the depot planned for destruction. Earlier, supplies of Sarin and VX nerve agent were burned there. The agent has not been used in wartime for decades.


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