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Daily Corinthian (MS): Muzzling Scientists on Warming

May 18, 2006

By GAP Investigator Tarek Maassarani. This op-ed also appeared in Topeka Capital-Journal, Daily Globe (MN), and The Humboldt Sun.

Orlando Sentinel: 10 Years Later, ValuJet Flight 592's Legacy Demands Reforms

May 10, 2006

By GAP client Gabe Bruno and GAP Legislative Representative Adam Miles.

On May 11, 1996, ValuJet Flight 592 crashed into the Florida's Everglades, killing all 110 passengers on board. The tragedy demanded a dramatic shift in the Federal Aviation Administration's approach to air safety. But a decade later the legacy of Flight 592 is increasingly clear: After initial soul searching, the FAA has relaxed air safety oversight, not strengthened it, and harshly retaliated against internal dissent.

MetroWest Daily News (MA): Protecting Science and Whistleblowers

April 24, 2006

By GAP Legal Director Tom Devine and GAP Communications Director Dylan Blaylock This editorial also appeared in the: Summit Daily News (CO), Daily Herald (TN), Couer d'Alene Press (ID), Spectrum and Daily News (UT), and Key West Citizen (FL). Hot Air and Free Speech

April 18, 2006

By GAP Legal Director Tom Devine and GAP Investigator Tarek Maassarani.

Star Democrat (MD): Muzzling the Facts on Global Warming

March 20, 2006

By Louis Clark, GAP President. This editorial also appeared in: Topeka Capital-Journal and Garden City Telegram (KS).

New York Times: Occupational Hazard

October 10, 2005

By Dylan Blaylock, GAP Communications Director, and Coleen Rowley, retired FBI agent and whistleblower.

Even as the public focuses on President Bush’s most recent Supreme Court nomination, the business of the court goes on. And this week, it will take up a First Amendment case, Garcetti v. Ceballos, that is crucial not only to government workers across the country, but to all Americans concerned about free speech and national security.

Western News (MT): White House Lied About Global Warming

August 12, 2005

By Louis Clark, GAP President. This editorial also appeared in the Topeka Capital-Journal, Star-Democrat (MD), and Brinkley Argus (AR).

Daily Corinthian (MS): The World Bank is Far Too Secretive

August 12, 2005

By Melanie Beth Oliviero, GAP International Program Director. This editorial also appreared in: Topeka Capital-Journal, Garde City Telegram (KS) and Worthington Daily Globe (MS).  


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