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WTVM: Former Deutsche Bank Employee Speaker for Whistleblower Tour at AU

January 27, 2014
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by Annie Hubbell, GA News Weather

In 2011, Eric Ben-Artzi, a former risk analyst at Deutsche Bank, reported possible violations leading to a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation.

"I reported it internally, I reported it to regulators. I was subsequently terminated, or fired, and the issues are still being investigated," explained Ben-Artzi.

The story gained attention worldwide and because of Ben-Artzi's revelations, the investigation eventually uncovered that Deutsche Bank had hidden up to $12 billion in losses.

Ben-Artzi shared his story at Auburn University Monday as a part of the Government Accountability Project, or GAP, Whistleblower Tour.

"This is my opinion, was a matter important to the health of the financial system itself because of the size of Deutsche Bank, because of the size of the portfolio we were dealing with," says Ben-Artzi.

This is the third year the GAP Tour has visited Auburn's campus and its mission is to educate the public about the phenomenon and practice of whistleblowing.

"Whistleblowers are the first line of defense against wrong doing and there are people who need to be supported for their courage and willingness to be ethical in the workplace. These are the people we want in our organizations," explained Dana Gold, Senior GAP fellow and Director of the Whistleblower Tour.

"Ordinary people are responsible for speaking up because the people with power usually won't, so this is for yourself, your kids, your fellow citizens," says Ben-Artzi, "You need to speak up, otherwise nothing is going to happen and corruption is going to stay."

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