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Protecting Whistleblowers since 1977

Keeping the Powerful Accountable

Staff, May 15, 2015

This New York Times article raises an excellent point on mass surveillance and the need for more transparency and accountability. 

“Over time, it becomes a question of what is it that we are protecting. Are we protecting simply physical security and our geographical boundaries, or are we protecting a system of political values? That includes open deliberation of national security policies…” – Steven Aftergood

A Debate Over How Long Democracy Can Wage Battles in Shadows
New York Times


Five Big Banks are expected to plead guilty to criminal antitrust violations for rigging the price of foreign currencies. While this issue seems far removed from most people’s daily lives, skimming money off the top of Forex trades can have a devastating impact on pension funds and your pocket book. 

5 Big Banks Expected to Plead Guilty to Felony Charges, but Punishments May Be Tempered


Switzerland could now lead the world in whistleblower protections. Will the world follow its lead?

“The discussions in Switzerland reminds us all of the importance of strong civil society engagement when devising whistleblower laws and defending the public interest… [it will] not only serve the country well, it will protect the interests of citizens beyond its borders.”

Switzerland could now lead the world on whistleblowing rules
Le News