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Press Statement: GAP Applauds Senate Confirmation of Henry Kerner as OSC Special Counsel

October 17, 2017
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Senate Confirms Nominee in Voice Vote to Head Independent Federal Investigative and Prosecutorial Agency

WASHINGTON – Yesterday, the U.S. Senate confirmed the nomination of Henry Kerner, a prosecutor and veteran Capitol Hill staffer, as OSC Special Counsel in a Senate Voice Vote.

Kerner will head the OSC, which has historically played an integral role in providing necessary protections for brave individuals who have come forward to shine a spotlight on government abuse.

In regard to the confirmation, GAP’s Legal Director Tom Devine stated:

Mr. Kerner’s nomination received bipartisan support from all spectrums of the whistleblower rights community. The nomination is particularly welcome because the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) may be facing the most daunting challenge for its mission since 1978 when the Office was created. First, the public is more frustrated with government than at any time in recent memory. It is impossible to clean up fraud, waste and abuse without effective protection of whistleblowers.

Second, there is a unique resource challenge. Prior Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner restored the OSC’s legitimacy, which resulted in unprecedented requests for help from aggrieved whistleblowers. Unfortunately, Congress only provided incremental budget increases. As a result, multi-year delays from backlogs have plagued the agency and frustrated whistleblowers. GAP pledges its full support to help Mr. Kerner and his team meet these challenges while better achieving the agency mission.

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