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Protecting Whistleblowers since 1977

The Origins of the American Whistleblower Tour

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The genesis of the American Whistleblower Tour was a February 2010 event that teamed GAP with film production company Participant Media and the Paley Center for Media to produce the definitive television presentation on whistleblowing — Anyone Can Whistle: The Essential Role of the Whistleblower in American Society:


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Watched live by thousands online, this event was the first-ever television-format presentation explaining and celebrating the role of whistleblowers in our culture. Hosted by Juan Williams (then of NPR) and featuring whistleblower heroes such as Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers), Frank Serpico (NYPD), Coleen Rowley (FBI) and others, the program examined the six stages of the typical whistleblowing experience, celebrated the courage of whistleblowers, and decried the lack of adequate legal protections.

More importantly, the presentation educated the public on the practice of whistleblowing. With the help of a grant from Participant Media, the first year (2011-12) of the American Whistleblower Tour expanded upon the goals and the energy that animated the Paley Center event.