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Press Releases

Los Alamos Whistleblower Honored

April 15, 2005
(Washington, DC) – Last Tuesday night, April 12, Government Accountability Project (GAP) client and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Quality Assurance Auditor Don Brown was honored at a banquet hosted by the watchdog group Alliance For Nuclear Accountability (ANA). Brown accepted the ANA's Whistleblower Award for "putting public safety above career security by blowing the whistle on the defective work, lack of quality assurance and lack of safety systems at nuclear facilities."

GAP Launches Hanford Ad Campaign

April 01, 2005
Ads Encourage Hanford Whistleblowing;
GAP TV and Radio Campaign Focuses on Fired Whistleblower
(Washington, DC) – A new campaign of television and radio spots addresses past safety issues that occurred at the Hanford nuclear site and encourages Hanford workers who have witnessed wrongdoing to step forward.

GAP Responds to Treasury Report on Multilateral Development Banks

March 29, 2005
Government Accountability Project Response to Treasury Department Assessment of MDB Whistleblower Policies
(Washington, DC) – The Government Accountability Project (GAP) responded today to Friday's late release of a report evaluating transparency reforms including whistleblower protection at the World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs).

U.N. Whistleblower Promoted

March 25, 2005
Author of Controversial Book Rewarded After Initially Being Fired;
Whistleblower Protection Reform Looming

Government-Owned Nuclear Facility Challenged on Gross Safety Lapses

February 09, 2005

(Washington, DC) – A government watchdog group has called for immediate independent investigations into evidence provided by a whistleblower showing that the nuclear facilities at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico are too unsafe to operate.


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