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Today, 'The Day We Fight Back' Goes Global

February 11, 2014

(Washington, DC) – Good governance groups, transparency organizations and accountability advocates around the world are protesting mass surveillance today, February 11: the Day We Fight Back. The Whistleblowing International Network (WIN) is distributing the protest message below, drafted by the Government Accountability Project in the United States, for individuals to use as an email signature.

GAP Promotes Privacy Statement to Protest Mass Surveillance

February 05, 2014

Washington, DC – February 5, 2014 – The Government Accountability Project (GAP) is distributing and encouraging use of a Privacy Statement for all Internet users to adopt as part of their signature line in their online communications. Similar to the standard legal disclaimers found at the end of many e-mails, this Privacy Statement goes further by explicitly prohibiting the collection of the communication and related metadata by the National Security Agency (NSA), consistent with the disclosures of the bulk metadata collection program revealed by GAP client Edward Snowden in June 2013.

GAP Client Edward Snowden Speaks to German Press: 1/26/14 Transcript

February 03, 2014

The following is a full transcript of the televised interview between ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden and veteran documentary filmmaker Hubert Seifel from German public television network ARD:

Mr. Snowden, did you sleep well the last couple of nights because I was reading that you asked for a kind of police protection. Are there any threats? 

Snowden Nominated for Nobel Prize

January 29, 2014

(Oslo, Norway) – Two Norwegian Members of Parliament (MP) have nominated ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. Citing his efforts to contribute to a "more stable and peaceful world order," Baard Vegar Solhjell and Snorre Valen have submitted a formal nomination to the Nobel Committee, signaling a growing international consensus towards the Snowden disclosures that began in June 2013.

Government Watchdog Group Declares Surveillance Programs Illegal Affirming Snowden Whistleblower Status

January 23, 2014

(Washington, DC) – An independent bipartisan agency within the Executive Branch has issued a landmark 238-page report that concludes the bulk metadata telephony program conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA) has provided only "minimal" benefits in counterterrorism efforts, is illegal, and should be closed down.

GAP Statement on Presidential Remarks on Signal Intelligence Programs on 1/17/14

January 18, 2014

The Government Accountability Project (GAP) would like to make its position clear on remarks by President Obama delivered at the Department of Justice on January 17, 2014:


Prominent Bank Whistleblower Coming to Auburn University

January 17, 2014

(Washington, DC) – On Monday, Jan. 27, the Government Accountability Project (GAP) returns to Auburn University to present its acclaimed program, the American Whistleblower Tour: Essential Voices for Accountability. The stop will feature prominent financial industry whistleblower Eric Ben-Artzi, who exposed Deutsche Bank's multi-billion dollar securities violations.

GAP Statement on Edward Snowden and NSA Domestic Surveillance

January 03, 2014

(Washington, DC) – In June 2013, the American public learned conclusively about the wholesale surveillance of virtually all Americans through secretive programs by the National Security Agency (NSA) that continue to be implemented today. These programs collect the phone records, email exchanges, and internet histories of people all over the world who would have no knowledge of this were it not for the disclosures of former federal contractor Edward Snowden.

Senate Approves Military Whistleblower Protection Act Makeover

December 20, 2013

(Washington, DC) – Late yesterday, the Senate completed congressional action approving section 1714 in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014, which overhauls the discredited Military Whistleblower Protection Act (MWPA) of 1988. The legislation reflects a bipartisan consensus between House and Senate negotiators, a rare mandate for reform in this Congress. 

GAP Legal Director Tom Devine applauded congressional leadership, commenting:


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