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The Rise of the American Corporate Security State

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An insightful new book from GAP Executive & International Director Beatrice Edwards illustrates how Americans now live in a security state where the government values corporate rights over its citizens. The Rise of the American Corporate Security State: Six Reasons to Be Afraid is a call-to-action for anyone who wants to fight the erosion of our civil liberties.

Edwards draws upon years of experience heading GAP, the nation's leading whistleblower protection and advocacy organization, to reveal the truth. She is directly involved with the cases of intelligence agency insiders William Binney, Tom Drake, John Kiriakou, Edward Snowden and J. Kirk Wiebe, and financial industry whistleblowers like Citigroup's Richard Bowen and anonymous AIG insiders. Edwards is uniquely situated to connect-the-dots and alert the public about the real and present threats to our democracy.

What are these existing threats? Edwards' book effectively outlines what Americans should be alarmed about:

  1. Average citizens are subject to ever-expanding surveillance and data collection by the government-corporate complex.
  2. Control of information by the government-corporate complex is expanding.
  3. The separation of powers established by the Constitution is eroding. Rights guaranteed by constitutional amendments are becoming irrelevant. Reporting a crime may be a crime, and informing the public of the truth is treason.
  4. The government-corporate surveillance complex is consolidating. What has become a confidential but informal collaboration now seeks to legalize its special status.
  5. Financial reforms enacted after the 2008 crisis are inoperable and ineffective because of inadequate investigations and intensive corporate lobbying.
  6. Systemic corruption and a fundamental conflict of interest are driving us toward the precipice of new economic crises.

Just how did it come to this? Edwards's beautifully written narrative shows how, after 9/11 created a panic, the intelligence agencies overreached in instituting surveillance programs that violate Americans' constitutional rights. Corporations lined up to secure waste-laden government contracts to sell new technologies that grabbed and shared private customer data, all while using the bogus threat of a "cyber war" as justification. This nefarious partnership is exactly why the Justice Department isn't going after the institutions responsible for the financial collapse of 2008.

Edwards knows all of this from working directly with whistleblowers who witnessed the wrongdoing firsthand.

As the growing national security state embeds with the corporate security complex, Edwards outlines how citizens can take their country back by restoring government transparency and returning privacy controls to personal information.

You can order the book on Amazon or from book publisher Berrett-Koehler.

Praise for The Rise of the American Corporate Security State

Noted opinion leaders and journalists praise Edwards' book for its valuable contribution to society. Accolades include:

"Bea Edwards has written a vital book about the ridiculously cozy relationship between corporate wealth and government power and how it only seems to be getting worse. It's up to the rest of us now to do something about it."

William Cohan, New York Times and Financial Times reporter and
author of Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World

"A must-read for those who love this country and wish to preserve its fast-fading democracy. Edwards is an extraordinary writer who brilliantly captures the essence of what whistleblowers such as Snowden have sacrificed their careers and jeopardized their personal liberties to convey. This book has arrived just in time if – and only if – those who are moved by it take concerted practical action."

Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistleblower and
Director, Freedom of the Press Foundation

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About the Author

Beatrice Edwards is the Executive Director of GAP. She works with whistleblowers from government, corporations and international financial institutions on issues of illegality, abuse, and corruption. For ten years, she was a contributing columnist to The Texas Observer, working under the pseudonym "Gabriela Bocagrande," and she received a Project Censored award in 2002. Currently, she writes for GAP's inhouse blog and for The Huffington Post about corruption and surveillance issues.

Edwards holds an M.A. from the University of Texas and a Ph.D. from American University; she speaks publicly about the need for whistleblower and witness protection, as well as strong anticorruption measures in public and private organizations. She has spoken at conferences in Bangkok, Delhi, Paris, Sao Paulo, Moscow, and Cali, as well as around the United States. In March 2013, she helped to establish an international network of whistleblower protection organizations.

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