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We are the international leader in whistleblower advocacy

Government Accountability Project is the international leader in whistleblower protection — from advocacy to litigation.

We have the most effective methodology of using whistleblower revelations to have a meaningful impact on civil society and governance, and how to win whistleblower cases in the court of law and public opinion.

  • Advocate For Whistleblowers

  • Pursue Legislative Initiatives

  • Litigate Whistleblower Cases

  • Investigate Public and Private Corruption

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts to Government Accountability Project are tax-deductible.

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Since 1977, Government Accountability Project has helped over 8,000 whistleblowers across many issue areas. See our individual focus areas below to learn more about our breadth of experience and expertise.

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Corporate & Financial Accountability

Government Accountability Project’s Corporate and Financial Accountability program recognizes the necessity of oversight of private activities that impact the public interest in significant ways. The Corporate and Financial Accountability program uses a multi-part methodology to investigate and litigate corporate whistleblower claims, create and advocate for anti-corruption legislation, and diminish fraud that threatens the security of workers, shareholders, and consumers.

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Education & Partnerships

Through our Education & Partnerships initiative, Government Accountability Project shares our expertise about the essential role whistleblowers play in exposing abuses of public trust. By serving as a resource for and partnering with journalists, public interest organizations, lawyers, academics, and other key stakeholders, we amplify support for whistleblowers and the concerns they raise and ensure they are able to create change.

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National Security

The National Security Program works with whistleblowers, policymakers, and watchdog organizations to help whistleblowers make protected disclosures and report waste, fraud, and abuse as well as violations of law, rule, or regulation. Our specialty is Intelligence Community and military whistleblowing, where the need for oversight is especially critical. We also conduct our own investigations to ensure our national security system is working for the best interests of the American people.

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Environment, Energy, & Climate Change

Environmental whistleblowers save lives, safeguard public health, protect vulnerable ecosystems, and help to ensure that the world remains habitable for current and future generations. Government Accountability Project’s environment, energy, and climate change specialists provide programmatic support for whistleblowers to enforce environmental protection and resource management laws. Our experts also liaise with advocates who work to meet national and global energy demand more sustainably so as to avoid catastrophic climate change. In doing so, we empower those who take a stand against corporate polluters and government corruption.

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International Whistleblower Rights

Government Accountability Project advocates for whistleblowers globally while collaborating with various activists and governments. Government Accountability Project’s legal experts draft laws and policies, represent inter-governmental whistleblowers, train a wide-array of stakeholders, and monitor the effectiveness of whistleblower policies at corporations, international banks, and all 43 nations with whistleblower laws.


Government Accountability

Whether at the federal, state, or local level, public servants seek out Government Accountability Project to confront illegality and expose corruption. We make sure that government whistleblowers are protected every step of the way, from investigating and litigating claims to advocating for whistleblowers in the public sphere.

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Public Health

Since our founding in 1977, Government Accountability Project has taken a leading role in identifying threats to public health and protecting whistleblowers who expose corruption and wrongdoing in the public health sector. Government Accountability Project’s public health efforts span across a wide variety of issues including food integrity, the pharmaceutical industry, and industrial farming.


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