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Op-Ed: Utah's Misguided Ag-Gag Bill

admin, March 04, 2012

by Amanda Hitt in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Last week, the Utah House passed legislation outlawing the act of taking undercover video at farms, dairies, and other food production facilities. Now before the Senate, the proposed law is similar to six other states' draft legislation, known as "ag gag" bills.

This legislation poses a threat to public health. Why? Because all individuals, including workers who witness gross wrongdoing and food safety violations, would be silenced. This bill criminalizes whistleblowers.

No Surprise Here: Vast Majority of Experts with High Opinion of Avandia Have Ties to Drug Companies

, March 19, 2010

A new study by the Mayo Clinic shows how since 2007, when concerns were first raised about the safety of the diabetes drug Avandia, 94 percent of experts who provided favorable opinions about the drug have ties to drug companies. Nearly half of the experts had financial ties to drug companies that presented a conflict of interest. From Reuters:

Whistleblower Kunal Saha Wins Supreme Court Case In India Against Medical Establishment

Bea Edwards, August 15, 2009

The Supreme Court (SC) of India handed down a landmark judgment on August 7, 2009, upholding the claim of medical negligence brought by Dr. Kunal Saha against four doctors and the Advanced Medicare Research Institute in Kolkata. The Court held the doctors and hospital guilty of negligent treatment, causing the death of Dr. Saha’s wife, Anuradha Saha, in 1998. In the Judgment, the SC also set out extensive new guidelines and regulations that physicians and hospitals must follow in treating patients.