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Protecting Whistleblowers since 1977

Corporate & Financial Accountability

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GAP’s Corporate & Financial Accountability program defends whistleblowers in US and multinational corporations who expose wrongdoing and threats to the public welfare. The program also seeks to strengthen whistleblower policies and legal protections.

The reach of this program significantly expanded in 2002 in the aftermath of the Enron, Tyco International and Worldcom scandals when GAP played a significant role in the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Among the groundbreaking protections of this federal law was its expansion of whistleblower protections beyond public health and safety. SOX also gave whistleblowers anonymous reporting mechanisms, stronger anti-retaliation protections, and accountability for any senior management bound by a code of ethics.

Though GAP does not directly solicit whistleblowers, it continues to be a haven for employees who have witnessed wrongdoing in all industries, but, in particular, with the financial-services industry. In response, GAP launched the Bank Integrity Campaign that focuses on the distinct needs of whistleblowers within this sector.