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Protecting Whistleblowers since 1977


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GAP has a long and established record of working with environmental whistleblowers who have sounded the alarm to prevent disaster and expose serious government and corporate failings that have put lives and the environment at risk. This work led to significant reforms and actions including shutting down unsafe nuclear facilities, reforms to government environmental regulations and increased legal protections for whistleblowers. See History for more information.

Focus on climate science

While GAP continues to represent environmental whistleblowers from all sectors, GAP launched Climate Science Watch (CSW) in 2005 to promote the importance of the integrity of science to protect the planet. Under the expert leadership of Rick Piltz until his tragic passing in 2014, CSW became a vital opposition voice in a hostile environment with the naysayers on climate change in charge of a “know-nothing” policy of denial.

From exposing the horrific dangers and damage of oil dispersants in the Gulf stemming from BP Deepwater Horizon disaster to ensuring the public has access to accurate, uncensored climate science, GAP has worked tirelessly with brave whistleblowers to ensure the public has the truth on climate science to help combat global climate change, and that our children inherit a healthy, sustainable planet.


  • GAP represented Rick Piltz, a former senior staffer in the Coordination Office of the U.S. Global Change Research Program, who blew the whistle on the George W. Bush Administration’s political interference with climate change communication. In a front-page article in The New York Times, GAP exposed the Bush Administration’s practice of having an oil lobbyist attorney (not a scientist) at the White House edit government science reports about the findings from 13 federal agencies responsible for the $2 billion in federal research dollars on climate change. Our exposé, covered widely in the media, exposed how White House censorship and misuse of climate change communication had undermined the scientific integrity of policymaking and contributed to a failure of preparedness to deal with the impacts of climate disruption.
  • In January 2017, CSPW released a comprehensive white paper, "Promoting and Sustaining the National Climate Assessment After a Period of Suppression and Political Influence: A Cautionary Tale," aimed at warning the new U.S. administration to embrace, rather than suppress, the grave realities of climate change.
  • Since we launched our Climate Science Watch program, we’ve gained coverage in major print outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Associated Press, and have been featured on broadcast programs including 60 Minutes and PBS FRONTLINE, to name only a few.  
  • An essential tool for documenting our work and positioning us in the context of current national policy developments, our widely recognized website attracts an audience of tens of thousands of readers, including: reporters, government officials, Congressional offices, scientists, educators, activists, and others nationwide and internationally.

The way ahead

GAP is currently undertaking a number of projects within the fields of Environment and Energy. Areas of focus include the following:

Climate Science & Policy Watch (CSPW)

The climate science denial machine (a term coined by Rick Piltz) has taken on a new form and must be challenged.  GAP launched CSPW to build on the success of CSW and to assess the implementation of the Obama administration’s stated support for a strong climate policy by measuring the rhetoric against the actions – highlighting behind-the-scenes actions that support accelerated fossil fuel development.

  • CSPW aims to hold the administration accountable for reconciling stated goals with policies that can effectively accomplish them including critical policy initiatives like 2014 National Climate Assessment; the Quadrennial Energy Review (QER); the President’s Climate Action Plan, and National Preparedness.
  • Public education investigations and campaigns.
  • By focusing on critical national issues, to highlight how we must phase-out fossil energy sources.
  • With GAP’s decades of experience, we are launching numerous CSPW Know Your Rights Campaigns, strategically designed to spread transparency and accountability throughout the fossil-extraction industry.

CSPW combines GAP’s bottom-up Know Your Rights approach with Rick Piltz’s successful top-down policy critique. We are poised to take maximum advantage of our expertise, history and reputation to challenge fossil fuel industry policy to meet the reality of climate change. As our much-missed mentor, Rick Piltz would often say, this is where our work matters most because it “affects real people in real places.”

If you are an environmental whistleblower please get in touch with us by filling out our intake form here.