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Protecting Whistleblowers since 1977

Food Integrity Campaign

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Learn more about GAP's work with food integrity whistleblowers by going to the Food Integrity Campaign website.

Environmental pollutants taint our food and water supply. Industrial farming waste and contaminates corrupt a fragile ecosystem. Animals bred for consumption are inhumanely handled and contaminated. Food workers are routinely exploited, while government employees who enforce food safety regulations are thwarted from their work by being impossibly understaffed.

Is it any wonder food-borne illnesses sicken over 76 million people and are responsible for 725,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths in the US each year?

The Food Integrity Campaign (FIC) confronts these issues by strategically addressing food at its source. Its mission is to enhance food integrity by facilitating truth-telling. The food supply is increasingly in the hands of agri-business giants, but GAP significantly levels the playing field between industry and consumers by protecting the rights of individuals who witness practices that compromise food integrity. Together, whistleblowers, citizen activists and GAP all have the power to change things for the better.

Food Integrity Successes

GAP has worked towards improving food safety for more than three decades. In the early 1980s, GAP famously helped whistleblowers expose how new highly-mechanized poultry processing plants, coupled with federal de-regulation, were contributing to mass contamination.

In the area of meat inspections, GAP was instrumental in fighting proposed deregulation, first during the Reagan administration and then during the following administration of George H.W. Bush. Under the Clinton administration, children died from Jack-in-the-Box hamburgers and it was GAP that the Secretary of Agriculture came to immediately following the disclosures. Secretary Espy worked in the offices at GAP that afternoon to reverse course and kill a proposed Streamline Inspection System program that was on-track to be ratified.

During that same period, GAP was also integral to the “Food Lion wars.” During that national debacle, GAP worked with Food Lion employees to expose serious problems in ground meat preparation that GAP eventually took to ABC’s “PrimeTime Live.” Media coverage was powerful enough to make the stock of Food Lion’s parent company plummet. In years to follow, GAP successfully fought off a subpoena from Food Lion for investigative materials and, ultimately, never revealed the identities of multiple whistleblowers.