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UN Special: The UN Whistleblower Protection Policy

May 04, 2016

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When an organization lacks reliable internal oversight practices, whistleblowers become an essential early warning system for the leadership as problems develop.

In These Times: Employee of Federal Agency That Protects Whistleblowers Claims Retaliation

April 15, 2016

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For nearly five years, Darrell Whitman was a federal investigator who probed whistleblowers’ complaints about being fired or otherwise punished for exposing alleged corporate misconduct.

He wanted to help whistleblowers, viewing them as a crucial line of defense against employers who violated health and safety standards or wasted taxpayer dollars.

Gov Exec: Whistleblower Protection Agency Looks to Clean Up Its Own Backyard

April 04, 2016

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The Office of Special Counsel, whose mission is to protect federal employees against reprisals for whistleblowing, is taking the unusual step of evaluating its own managers in part on their adherence to proper procedures for handling whistleblowers, Government Executive has learned.

Bloomberg BNA: Merits of Bill Aimed at Activist Hedge Funds Debated

April 01, 2016

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March 21 — A group of Democratic senators has introduced a bill that would give companies more advance warning when activist investors buy a substantial number of shares in the issuer.

New York Times: What’s Ailing the United Nations?

March 28, 2016

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To the Editor:

Anthony Banbury is right. As recent scandals involving sexual abuse in the peacekeeping missions show, the United Nations needs reforming. But he’s wrong to blame a bureaucratic personnel system that prevents managers from firing incompetent staff members.

SHRM: ‘Extraordinary’ Expansion of Whistle-Blower Rights Proposed

March 18, 2016

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Employer “gag tactics” aimed at silencing whistle-blowers at financial institutions are becoming more common, according to Shanna Devine, legislative director of the Government Accountability Project in Washington, D.C., which supports a bill to prohibit the waiver of whistle-blower rights. The Government Accountability Project is a whistle-blower protection and advocacy organization in the United States.

Washington Post Magazine: What happens when a whistleblower returns to work after a decade’s fight

March 03, 2016

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Robert MacLean spent his first official day back at work in nearly a decade appearing on Capitol Hill to explain how he became a pariah in the eyes of the federal government.


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