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Mountain Mail: Abuse Beneath the U.S. Capitol?

January 08, 2007

By GAP President Louis Clark. This op-ed also appeared in the Topeka Capital Journal and Radio Left.

Houston Chronicle: The Subsidiary Excuse

November 04, 2006

By GAP General Counsel Joanne Royce and National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) Executive Director Terisa E. Chaw. This op-ed also appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Salt Lake Union Tribune, and the Canton Repository (OH).


When former Enron Chief Executive Jeffrey K. Skilling was sentenced last week to more than 24 years in prison for his role in the company's 2001 collapse, it was a reminder of how the Enron scandal forced changes in government's oversight of corporate America.

Chanute Tribune (KS) - The President Has No Use For Whistleblowers

November 02, 2006

By GAP President Louis Clark. This op-ed also ran in the Topeka Capital-Journal and United States Guantanamo News.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Hanford Workers' Medical Care Compromised and Delayed

September 19, 2006

By GAP Nuclear Oversight Investigator Lea Mitchell. 

During World War II, Washington state aided the national interest by using Hanford to manufacture plutonium for the world's first atomic bombs. Although that era may be a thing of the past, the byproducts of it are not.

Topeka Capital-Journal: Ignoring Whistleblowers is Risky

September 01, 2006

By GAP President Louis Clark.

There has never been a time in recent years when the federal government has so blatantly tried to stop crucial information from reaching citizens. As a result, the government is undermining the basic right of all Americans to know what civil servants are doing to advance the public interest. Increasingly, all that stands between society and dire consequences are brave civil servants who are willing to tell the truth.

The Oklahoman: Unsafe Skies

August 02, 2006

By Adam Miles, GAP Legislative Representative. This article also appeared in the Fort Madison Daily Democrat (IN), Greeneville Sun (TN), Coeur d'Alene Press (ID), and the Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, VA).

A little-noticed congressional investigation has confirmed what whistleblowers have been warning for years: the Federal Air Marshals Service (FAMS) has been systematically exposing the identities of its own “covert” air marshals, who are in charge of overcoming terrorists in the next 9/11-like hijacking.

Baltimore Sun: Blowing the Whistle on Air Marshal's Blown Cover

July 13, 2006

By GAP Legal Director Tom Devine and Federal Air Marshal Frank Terreri.

A congressional investigation made public in late May confirms what whistleblowers have been warning for years: The Federal Air Marshal Service, FAMS, has been systematically blowing the cover of its covert marshals who are charged with overcoming hijackers to prevent another major terrorist attack.

East Texas Review: Whistleblowing Gets More Dangerous

July 12, 2006

By Dylan Blaylock, GAP Communications Director. This article also appeared in the Topeka Capital-Journal (KS), Newtown Bee (CT) Boonville Standard/Newburgh Chandler Register (IL), and the Star-Democrat (MD).

Santa Cruz Sentinel: One Voice, or the Truth?

June 19, 2006

By GAP Legal Director Tom Devine and FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley. This op-ed also appeared in the Daily Sun News (WA), Lake Sun Leader (MO), Waynesboro News-Virginian, Cumberland Times News (MD-WV), Shawano Leader (WI) and the Capital Times (WI).

Seattle Times: Hanford Plant Must be Built, but it Must be Built Right

May 25, 2006

By GAP Nuclear Oversight Program Director Tom Carpenter and Robert Alvarez, senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies and a former senior policy adviser to the secretary of energy in the Clinton administration.


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